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About ADR

Air Data Research History

For more than 40 years, John Eakin has been flying or fixing a variety of military and civilian airplanes, rotorcraft, and missiles. He holds airline transport pilot, flight instructor, and A&P mechanic certificates and has several decades of experience in both aviation and computer databases. He speaks the language of aviation.

Over time, he was frequently tasked with researching the service history of various aircraft with data provided by government agencies. While the information was readily available, however, a complete, cohesive picture of the indicators and causes of failures was absent. With the growth of computer capabilities and the collection of databases, it became possible to merge the data and discover the larger picture. ADR was formed to answer questions far beyond the vision of the original database designers.

The ADR Process

We work with our clients to devise a research strategy that will answer their questions while avoiding erroneous or midleading results. Every day, ADR proves the saying that nobody is finding new ways to break aircraft—the same thing has probably happened before. Often, we find prior investigators have extensively documented a failure mechanism.

How ADR Excels

While selected portions of some databases are available online, most are incomplete and may be misleading. The ADR data library is maintained in-house and is complete and documented. We are the sole civil source of many databases and know how each is collected, what it does/does not contain, and what fields are inconsistent or unreliable.

Charges for ADR's services are provided up-front and backed by our guarantee that the data we provide will be useful to your case. All inquiries are welcome, and there is no charge or obligation to discuss your aviation data needs. Everything we do is completely confidential.